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  • Contribute to sustainable employment in Serbia through the promotion of public-private partnership to increase competitiveness and raise the export performance of companies in metal sector.


  • Increase the competitiveness of SMEs in metal sector, by improving the institutional capacity of the cluster by providing services in the areas of technological innovation, quality certification and product training for employees, as well as marketing/internationalization and the adoption of EU standards.


  • Develop Cluster Centers of Excellence which will bring together interdisciplinary knowledge and ensure the sustainability of the concept through education and training of university staff and representatives of institutions in accordance with the needs of business, students and employees in terms of joint action and development and the improvement of existing curricula programs, practical knowledge aimed at the economy. 


  • Provide support and be a partner to the Government of the Republic of Serbia and the Government of AP Vojvodina on the development and implementation of effective mechanisms and instruments of support, aimed at increasing employment and improving the competitiveness of the SME sector through the metal cluster development and export promotion.
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